‘Glee,’ Season 2, Episode 20, ‘Prom Queen’: TV Recap

Put on your cummerbund, grab your corsage and hang on tight, ’cause ‘we, we, we so excited’ for Glee’s bat-crazy prom night during "Prom Queen."

That bit of lyric from Rebecca Black’s inane, idiotic autotuned song "Friday" got a treatment so … darn good and infectious that you just have to tip your hat to Artie, Sam and Puck for starting prom night jumpin’. They lit up the crowd, simultaneously mocking and honoring the vapidness of a YouTube pop anthem. Artie’s rap made it more legit.

New Directions got to be the entertainment because Principal Figgins couldn’t lure Air Supply for a $400 gig being the headliner for McKinley’s junior prom. Guess, that’s how much an air tank costs?

But the race for Prom Queen and prom proposals were on everyone’s mind. Read More...



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