My review: "cheating death"

Okay, I'm getting used the Miami's scripts being all over the place but this is getting bad. Okay first we have the Lucy Yates the former Madam wanting to put the squeeze on girls crashing her territory.

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Then we have unhappy wives looking for a little excitement and a self confidence boost in sleeping with men that aren't their husbands. The consierge who likes to blackmail those said wives into keeping their secrets. Then of course we have Horatio wanting to solve a murder and save the lost soul. I think the only bright spot to this episode was the bad practical joke Delko and Ryan played on Dr. Price. I appreciate her reasoning for being upset with the joke and I'm looking forward to her revenge on Eric and Ryan. She seems the type to get even.


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Nov 18, 2008 6:04AM EST

Happens to (nearly) everyone on Megavideo. It's a real pain, but I suspect it's to encourage you to buy their service instead of using the free player.

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