NCIS “Swan Song” Review

NCIS "Swan Song" Season 8 Episode 23 – Well this episode may have given us the identity of the P2P Killer, but who knew that wouldn’t even come close to solving the case? I thought that once all the big questions were answered – like how he got into the NCIS building, why he was killing agents, and of course whose eyeball that was – that the story would be over. Far from it. There may not be any mysteries left to solve, but I found myself still left with a lot of questions when the credits rolled. Not the least of which was who may end up surviving until next season.

With its Tarantino-esque treatment of time and the appearance of ghosts and rain, this episode definitely had the feel of an NCIS two-parter finale. I wish I could say that Franks death came as a surprise but I felt that coming all week. Ever since they made it clear that someone close to Gibbs wasgoing to die, and that Franks was going to be in this episode, well it didn’t take much to put two and two together. I did like how his death served as a way for Gibbs to walk us through what happened and everything that ultimately led to the events of that night. Read More...


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