RAISING HOPE “Baby Monitor” Review

RAISING HOPE "Baby Monitor" Season 1 Episode 21 – Barney and Virginia each have to take one for the team in the "Baby Monitor" episode of RAISING HOPE that blows my mind by marrying off My Name Is Earl‘s Joy and Randy.

"I’ve seen this on Modern Family and countless other sitcoms." Awesome self-deprecation, but I’ve never seen the eavesdropping story told quite this way. I hope Ethan Suplee, Jaime Pressly, and their insanely scary marriage make a return visit at some point. Are they sure bringing a kid into that mess is the best idea, though? I already wanted to roll up the poor puppies’ (who are smarter than your honor student is, by the way) ears. Yay for Greg Garcia’s loyalty to his former cast members and for his ability to make an unexpected and perfect Mallrats shout-out. As funny as this whole situation is, though ("Did you forget your feet?") even better is the spotlight it shines on Burt and Virginia. While Burt not only wears his heart on his sleeve but also always leads with it, Virginia is much more careful but once something reaches her very gooey core, she really is all mush. And, yes, she and Burt do have a very happy home. Read More...



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