All around Intense!

Wow. That was one intense episode. I just finished watching it and I sat there there with my mouth hanging open. I don't know how I am going to make it until next Sunday! This whole episode I spent incredibly nervous for Dexter. As faithful I am in his abilities to escape from tight situations, every episode I become more and more concerned for the future livelihood of the delicious Dex!

Seriously though, Dexter's yumminess aside, I didn't quite see that final fight scene coming. I saw Doakes being fingered for the Butcher a mile away but not that intense last scene. I have no idea how he's going to deal with Doakes but I doubt he is going to die. Kill him? Make a deal? I have no idea.....

Even though I was pretty sure they weren't actually arresting Dex when Lundy brought him in, my heart was pounding! Good call not giving anything away until absolutely necessary Dex........

Now that I've mentioned Lundy, let's discuss the obvious topic of Deb and Lundy's disgusting scene together. First off, let's be clear, I have nothing against older men. There are many hot older men out there. My problem is with Lundy. And Deb. And them lying naked on each other. What an appalling duo they make! I had my hands in front of my eyes the whole time and I have never been more thankful for my Windows Screensaver function until I watched that scene! The screensaver popped on and I just let'er roll and thankfully I missed the butt scene that I have since heard about! Sucks to be you guys who saw it...........I hate them together, enough said. Does Lundy really like her though? Not sure......or is there some ulterior motive?

Lilah, seriously needs to be taken care of. Pesky nuisance turned psycho stalker. Every scene with her provokes anxiety in me. Luckily Dex never revealed his true addiction to her. Dexter might be seriously be underestimating her persistence. I doubt she's done with him and his going to make his and the viewer's lives living hell!

Next week's episode won't come fast enough but that'll be episode 10, meaning only 2 more after that until the Season Finale! Should be wild, hard to believe the season is almost over though, seems like it only just began. I think Season 3 will be in September 2008, if I remember correctly.

Well, if it weren't for Chuck, Heroes, Private Practice, Criminal Minds and Grey's Anatomy, I don't know what I'd do while waiting for next week's Dexter! Mind you, the only show that comes even close to the intensity of Dexter is Heroes!


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