Insufferable Susan

Susan Susan Susan........

When did your character go beyond slightly silly and clumsy to downright irritating and insufferable?

I used to find Susan mildly amusing and somewhat endearing and I used to sympathize with her while laughing at the situations she gets herself into. Now I find myself cringing, closing my eyes and yelling at the TV in sheer frustration.

Is it just me or is she dumber then ever? Actually I know it's not just me because my partner, friend and I were all having a Susan-bash fest last night.

All she ever thinks about is her silly little life and she is completely unrealistic. Trusting Mike about the pills? Stupid. Obsessing over the neighbours not liking her? Stupid. Stealing their DOG??? Unbelievably STUPID!!! Spying on her daughter coming home from the date? Alright, maybe understandable as a mother but done in typical Susan style, stupid and annoying! No wonder Mike pops those pills like crazy, can you actually imagining being married to this woman? I can only imagine she is going to get worse as her pregnancy moves on......*shudder* And does Susan seriously expect Mike to pay for all the crap she wants when he's the only one working, and as a plumber? Those are some heavy demands for one salary! Does this woman have any idea how money works???

Anyways, moving past the gawdawful mess that is Susan..........

I hope Andrew stays a part of DH. I find he brings out a better, more accepting side of Bree in a funny way. They might have gone through hell as mother and son but they made it out pretty successfully. I like it when he assumed she was going to say all these negative things about what's wrong with him but all she had to say was he's so 'angry'.

Now Gaby and Carlos, there's a bit of an I told you so situation. If they hadn't divorced in the first place, they wouldn't be in this mess! Now I know, maybe they had to divorce to realize how they are MEANT to be together. But the whole divorce was a frustrating path away for G & C. Gaby come on, you cheated on your husband first and foremost, now you're taking the high and mighty road when he cheats on you? But bygones I guess (as Richard Fish would say, oh Ally McBeal...). And was anyone really surprised Victor does remember everything? He is going to have Gaby and Carlos wrapped around his finger after this!

I really like all the men on this show. With the exception of Mike, I've never really been too fond of him although I have to give him some major props for putting up with Susan. All this subtle blackmailing that was going on was really hilarious.

The new girl from Katherine's husband's past will be interesting. I think he stole a baby for Katherine after her real daughter died, since he is a gyno I'd imagine he wouldn't have too much trouble tracking down some pregnant girls. Speaking of pregnant girls, did anyone recognize the actress who plays Danielle guest starring on Private Practice, reprising pretty much the EXACT same role on DH? Pregnant teary teen, just after giving birth?

Anyways, can't wait for my next trip down Wisteria Lane! Only one more Episode left, sigh...............


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