The Event: "One Will Live, One Will Die" Review

As the third to last episode of The Event begins -- yes, I'm counting down the episodes now -- Leila has just seen her father Michael killed by Sophia's loyal aliens/henchmen. As Leila cries and blames Sophia, there's a moment where we're reminded of how The Event could be interesting or, at least, worth watching week in and week out. Sophia tells Leila that she has known her father longer than the girl could comprehend. Now think about that for a second -- how old are the NTBs? Because I can comprehend a really, really long time. Have Michael and Sophia been palling around for… what? Infinity? This line, this concept… how cool would it be to learn more about this aspect of NTB society? To further explore the notion of being essentially ageless. What does Michael leave behind now that he's dead? How many generations and millennia of untold knowledge and experience, all washed away by a single, human bullet?  Read more...


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