'Survivor: Redemption Island': Grant Mattos or Natalie Tenerelli? Who will Boston Rob turn on?


The "Survivor: Redemption Island" crew is getting down to its last few Tribal Councils. A kink in Boston Rob's plans has him choosing between two alliance members he likes. Since, ya know, no one will go against Rob's decrees.Post-TribalDreamy music plays while the five-man Omer alliance celebrates. Ashley thinks she and Natalie are right, but Natalie runs to Rob to talk about it. Oh my god. He plays right up to her fears by saying there is something not trustworthy about Ashley. Can Rob pull this off? If no one wakes up and smells what he's shoveling he will. (I love Rob, but c'mon people!)The Isle of RedemptionAndrea and Matt immediately get into it. He's still bitter about her voting for him, but she rightly points out that he totally ratted her out to Rob like a big dummy. In the morning, Andrea is pretty upset with her tribe for the blindside. Well, it's a...



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