Recap: 'American Idol' Top 4 - Leiber & Stoller and Inspiration Night

Recap: 'American Idol' Top 4 - Leiber & Stoller and Inspiration Night

Wednesday (May 11) night's "American Idol" was supposed to be Songs of Leiber & Stoller, but the "Idol" producers looked at one of the greatest songwriting teams in the history of American popular music and decided they didn't have enough songs to fill a whole show. So Wednesday's "Idol" is now one-half Inspirational Songs, mentored by nobody, and one-half Leiber & Stoller, mentored by Lady Gaga.

Click through for the full recap.Singer: James DurbinSong: "Don't Stop Believing"

My Take: The last thing James Durbin needs is more of a personal emotional connection to a song. "Does anybody know this song?" James yells to the welcoming crowd. Sadly, they all know the song from "Glee," rather than as the song that killed Tony Soprano. Kids today, yo. The problem is that for voters, their generation already has a definitive karaoke version of this Journey joint and James Durbin isn't replacing the "Glee" version (even if he's wearing a Journey shirt to show his preference for the original). Randy, who invented Journey in his basement from copper piping and frayed twine, is bopping in his head along, which is probably because James has added almost none of himself to what is an exhaustingly literal cover. At least he didn't break into tears, right? Realistically, this isn't an easy song to sing and after a little early roughness, James hits all the notes assertively, which isn't surprising given his strong upper register.  Read More...


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