'Modern Family' recap: Trading Places

Let me start off by saying that I really related to tonight's episode of Modern Family. No, not the learning-lessons and walking-a-mile-in-another-person's-shoes message, but Cam dying on the couch. I too have whatever disease he had -- but that certainly didn't stop me from thoroughly enjoying our favorite family. In fact, for roughly 22 minutes I forgot about my violent sneezing and runny nose (kinda). Thank you to the wonderful Fred Savage for directing this great episode. Yup, that Fred Savage from TheWonder Years directed tonight's episode! Ah, how our little Kevin Arnold has grown.

We all know that this show loves a good theme. And while tonight's theme of switching roles definitely wasn't subtle, it was still clever. We saw Mitchell forced into Cam's caregiver role, Jay borrowing a little of Gloria's compassion, and, best of all, Phil attempting to play the disciplinarian while Claire tried to be "the fun one, dammit!"

When it comes to Mitchell and Cam, I would say that Cam usually steals the show. But tonight, with Cam down for the count, Mitchell got to really shine. His giddy desire to go to the Lady Gaga concert (complete with a little Monster dance and glowstick necklace) was hysterical. It was nice to see him break out of his shell. And while we saw him embrace his looser side, he managed to maintain his signature disgust and sarcasm that we've come to know and love. Read More....



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