'Cougar Town': Where's the wine?

In last night’s episode of "We Pretend… Cougar Town…Is Called Wine Time," I was surprised by the lack of grape being pounded by our favorite cul-de-sac crew. I think a little time with Big Carl (RIP Joe) and even Little Richard would have done the group some good and maybe even helped with their familial problems. 

Travis was still crushed by his breakup with Kirsten. He learned the hard way that  love is a battlefield. And if Bobby and Pat Benatar said it, it must be true. (I hope you stopped to sing that song slumber party style. Just me? Forget I mentioned it.) Anyway, Jules and Bobby were occupied trying to get their son through his heartbreak. Despite Jules’ resistance, they ended up at the local strip club. But it didn’t matter. Travis didn’t want to eat, shower, or put on sunscreen. ("I mean, ultimately I’d put on sunscreen. I have to. I’m a pale weirdo.") There he didn’t get over Kirsten, but he bonded with the stripper, Destiny. Her fiancé was murdered by a drug lord, so she got it. Read More...



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