'Modern Family' Season 2, Episode 22 Recap

 One of the greatest things about 'Modern Family' is that each couple demonstrates a yin and yang that makes them so compatible with each other. And we saw that yin and yang in this episode. And while not all of the stories were as funny as they could be, it was still a good demonstration on why these characters work and why the show has been so successful over its first two seasons.

You have Cam, the caregiving nurturer matched up with the more practical -- and sometimes selfish -- Mitch. Then there's the tough, no-nonsense Jay with his life-embracing, generous-to-a-fault wife Gloria.

But the biggest yin and yang has to be the uptight Claire and manchild Phil. So when they tried to reverse roles in last night's episode, that's where we got the biggest laughs. Read More...



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