'Cougar Town' Moment: Andy and His Brother Get Into a Fight

'Cougar Town' is doing a great job as we come to the end of the season. Travis's depression over being rejected by Kirsten has been a great continuing story that the show has lacked since sometime last year. It's also interesting that in a time of need, Ellie not only turned to Laurie -- or "Jellybean," as Ellie derisively calls her -- to be her "human stress ball" and Laurie eventually realizes what's happening and shows up for her. I'm not sure what I think of the two of them being begrudging friends, but so far I like it.

The reason why Laurie agreed to be Ellie's punching bag? Andy's family is in town, namely Andy's brother Nestor, who refuses to speak to Andy in English because Andy seems to be the only one in his family (and, somehow, in the Cul-de-Sac Crew) who doesn't know Spanish. But the big problem is Nestor's wife who is overly flirty and grabby whenever she's around Andy.

That wife is played by Nia Vardalos; she and Ian Gomez are married in real life, and the writers took advantage of that fact with some really fun physical humor. Which is a good thing, because guest stars aren't don't always make for the best episodes on 'Cougar Town.' Read More...



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