One Tree Hill ROCKS!

I started watching one tree hill a little into the third season and i was a little lost seeing as i hadn't watch the first two seasons so i decided to buy them. and i started watching them.. FAST! it's like a drug yu just get so addicted and into it yu never wanna stop watching it. Now that the fifth season started, i watch all the episodes online because i don't have the channel at home. I am so greatful for AWSOME sites like this one that let's yu watch online episodes and catch up on what you've missed. I can't wait for the season to come out on DVD because im SO buying it. It's become one of my FAVOURITE tv shows ever and sometimes.. i feel like i can relate to some characters because they are our age and they represent teenage life basically.

Anyways, i just wanted to say that this SHOW ROCKS MY SOCKS OFF! =)

I hope the writers strike thingy ends soon so they can air all the episodes that were supose to be for the fifth season.. which is like 22 i think and now their only airing 12 i think ?

Anyways, let's hope it's over and done with SOON =)


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