'American Idol Recap': The Final Four Square Off With Help From Lady Gaga

Gaga! Lieber and Stoller! The chance to be celebrated at home! ‘Idol’ rushed right into last night and so will we. Let’s get right to the recap…

So who was up to the challenge? Read on to find out…

James Durbin’s First Performance: "Don’t Stop Believin’" by Journey

Steven Said: You did it right.

J-Lo Said:It was a really really great job.

Randy Said:That was the highest degree of difficulty and you did it.

The Verdict:

Here’s the problem with this performance and it underscores the major problem with this show in general: The time constraints forced it to be so incredibly rushed. This song is a slow burn, it has two understated verses before it builds to the vocal orgasm of "In the Ni-ight".

Here, James was forced to hit those notes almost before the song even began and by the time he’d reached the height of his crescendo, he was already forced to wrap the song up.

This made the whole thing feel sloppy and the performance incredibly rushed. The arrangement was all over the place and the vocals made it seem like James was just wildly poking around for his moments to hit something big.

I always thought this song would be a showstopper on this stage, but I guess the time constraints make that impossible, and even in the hands of James this is nothing more than a… 



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