AMERICA’S NEXT TOP MODEL "Ivan Bart" Cycle 16 Episode 12 – We’re still in Morocco and the models are down from four to three after Alexandra got the boot last week (or "Lex" as Brittani referred to her, much to my delight).

The challenge of the week is a 90 second television report for The Insider’s website on one of three topics important to Moroccan fashion: argon oil (Hannah), black coal (Molly) and henna (Brittani). Hannah, with her studies in journalism, thought she had this challenge in the bag, but her segment was quite awkward. Less so that Brittani’s, which was just painful as she dragged the cameraman on a wild goose chase to interview guy who couldn’t really speak English and just sort of muttered when she asked him a question. In the end Molly, whose ability to turn on a smile is startling, won the challenge, despite her "This is horrible" send off, caught on camera in the last few seconds of her report. Indeed. Read More...


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