CRIMINAL MINDS "Big Sea" Season 6 Episode 23 – This week’s Criminal Minds saw the team head out to sea to find a serial killer. The only evidence this fisherman killer leaves are the disarticulated remains of his victims, which are soon found in a pipeline. He punishes drug users and people who have abandoned their loved ones by forcing them to kill themselves.

The twist on the case is the introduction of Morgan’s cousin, who went missing several years ago after evading her stalker. Six seasons in this is the very first time that anything regarding Morgan’s cousin has cropped up: his aunt apparently phones him every time an unidentified body shows up. This is a new arc which, as of the end of the episode, is still unresolved: when Morgan questions the killer he is unable to identify his cousin Cindy, and even though Morgan lies to his aunt, I think he was doing that simply to allow her to feel some closure. He told her that though they were unable to find the body, the killer identified her picture (it wasn’t entirely untrue, since he did sort of confess to killing her, even though Morgan knows that’s a lie.) Read More...


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