CRIMINAL MINDS: SUSPECT BEHAVIOR "Strays", Season 1 Episode 11 – I know that nobody reallydeserves to be abducted. Nobody really deserves to be harmed in any way when they haven’t really done anything wrong, but if you willingly drive to a dark, abandoned alleyway with plans to meet somebody to buy drugs then my sympathy for you is kind of limited. So already, my interest and empathy in this case is at an all time low, so "Strays" had to really improve from the opening scene for me to care. After last week’s episode, Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior has to not only prove to me that it can be a consistently entertaining show, but that it should even exist.

So it turns out the victim’s dad was a high powered judge who was a good friend of Fickler, so Jack called in a favor from Sam "Too-tight-of-a-leather-jacket" Cooper to see if he could help. The rest of the team comes in to help as well, even calling in Penelope to help them in person! It was cool to see Penelope in person, although it really only ends up hurting the show since it points out how little personality the rest of the team members have in comparison to her. Even though Penelope comes off as much more subdued and restrained on this show than on the original Criminal Minds, she still has something that the rest of the team just doesn’t. Read More...


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