SURVIVOR: REDEMPTION ISLAND “Too Close for Comfort” Review

Survivor: Redemption Island "Too Close for Comfort", Season 22 Episode 13 – The Murlonio tribe returned to camp in the first scene of "Too Close for Comfort" to the annoying, sing-song voice ofAshley chiding "And then there were five!" She’s been doing this the past few weeks, and it wasn’t any more endearing this week on Survivor: Redemption Island. The mood was even more intense at Redemption as we get the much anticipated showdown between Andrea and Matt, which in my opinion went in Andrea’s favor. The fact of the matter is Matt made a stupid move and paid for it, but I was surprised that Andrea was so willing to lay down the facts so aggressively.

I loved the "I don’t give a —- what you are" argument. Here’s the thing: I really don’t think Philip is as crazy as he may seem. I genuinely think all of the arguments he’s made at camp, save only for the "N-word" argument, were genuinely logical and made sense. 105 pound girls DO require less calories to survive than does a 200 pound male. Now, the trick is that you don’t say stupid crap like that to people to get them upset. Nobody is going to surrender their food to somebody just because you believe that they deserve it more, and actually saying that somebody does not deserve as much food when they’restarving is not a smart social move. Philip is coming from an intelligent place, he’s just not presenting his thoughts intelligently, and that’s a big problem. Read More..


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