MODERN FAMILY “Good Cop Bad Dog” Review

MODERN FAMILY "Good Cop Bad Dog" Season 2 Episode 22 – The Dunphys’ world goes topsy-turvy when Phil and Claire switch places while Jay and Gloria clash over the world’s most inept dog trainer and Cam is sick with the flu in the "Good Cop Bad Dog" episode of MODERN FAMILY.

Once again, Ty Burrell shows why he should be taking home an Emmy. "Sweet and sour chicken!" Poor Phil just wants to go-kart with Luke and Manny and instead he has to wrangle "deceitful, manipulative monsters" into cleaning their bathroom, including a seriously nasty hair clog (Even Ty Burrell’s gagging is Emmy-worthy). I almost needed a bag for that one. I love the role-switching because Phil and Claire stay so completely themselves: Claire is way too Type A to not run her own kids off the course and Phil always has the potential to snap, so this psychotic break—taking an awesome ride on the car hood, starving his daughters, and all—totally works. Love the return of the broken step, the laptop duct taping and Manny’s "I know Claire was trying to be fun, but that crossed the line." Fun Claire is scary. Read More...


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