THE MIDDLE “The Prom” Review

THE MIDDLE "The Prom" Season 2 Episode 22 – Sue tries to get in with the B crowd while Axl tries to get out of going to prom with his accidental text date and Frankie and Mike desperately want to get out of watching Brick’s one-man shows in "The Prom" episode of THE MIDDLE.

Any episode with Reverend TimTom is bound to be a good one. He’s like Super Pastor with a magic guitar, able to reach anyone with a song or a simple, "It’s one night, man. Be cool." I love when he pops in and then swoops out.

I’m actually glad "Weird Ashley" really is a cape-wearing wizard loving (just not Harry Potter) weirdo. I like it when Axl is such a good guy. Frankie chasing Axl down in the kitchen (love that bread is her missile of choice) is one of the best-choreographed scenes they’ve shared. That is one slippery teenager. He’s also used to spontaneously shedding, so that gives him an edge. Equally funny are Frankie and Mike’s differing reactions: Frankie wanting Axl to want to do the right thing (hello, teenager) and Mike’s much more pragmatic "The funniest thing is that he’s going no matter what, even if I have to tie him up and drag him onto the dance floor." It really is hard being a parent. Read More...


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