Mob Wives: How Long Will the Truce Between Renee and Drita Last?

cableThough Mob Wives has an ensemble of four women with connections to organized crime, this week’s episode was a pretty concentrated affair that shone the spotlight on the unsteady relationship between Drita and Renee and the effects that it had on the dynamics of the foursome. The tension may have finally been erased with a few genuine apologies and some Crazy Mamas at a local restaurant, but this is reality television and you know the drama isn’t going away that easily. Just how long will the truce between Drita and Renee last?

I’d personally give it 2-3 episodes before it gets going again, especially since the promo for next week finds Renee setting her crosshairs on Carla’s friend and Drita stumbling around a club. Considering that the two women are known for having tempers and they’re generally in pretty close proximity to one another, it’s a sure thing that there’ll be at least one more explosive fight before the end of the season; as much as they may need one another’s support at times like this, there’s no way their frustrations don’t come to a head again. It’s a shame, though, because they’re both self-aware and intelligent enough to understand why they’re so angry (Drita’s explanation of sublimation at the end of this week’s episode was refreshingly astute.) and I think Drita and Renee could bring so much good to one another, Mob Wives or not. Read More...


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