Chuck 4.23 "Chuck vs the Last Details" Recap

chuckWe're in the home stretch of this (final??) season of Chuck.  If you missed Chuck and Sarah's bachelor and bachelorette parties, read about the goings on here.

This week's episode begins with Mary Bartowski rappelling into a vault to snag Norseman killing device, but she shoots back up when Vivian Volkoff and Riley enter.  A scientist tells them that he has finished construction of the device.  Riley wants to test it, so he loads in the scientist's DNA and kills him with a high pitch sound that melts the scientist's brain.  Vivian wants to use the device immediately to eliminate Agent X, but Riley says Volkoff Industries needs a public face to inspire fear; she shouldn't get her hands dirty, yet.  She thanks him for his guidance.  After they leave, Mary rappels back in, but is stopped by Riley and Vivian. Riley introduces Vivian to Mary, aka Frost. Read More...


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