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Stargate Universe Series Finale - The Irony of It All...

stargate universeThe ending for Stargate Universe was just that... an ending. However, "Gauntlet" doesn't necessarily have to be seen as just a 'ending,' just an ending 'right now' for the Stargatefranchise in general.

Earlier, I wrote my thoughts on how I felt that with a bit of tweaking and editing in the story, "Epilogue" would have served as a better conclusion to the series than what was proposed to have been a cliffhanger ending with tonight's "Gauntlet." Let me shamelessly take those words back, eat them, and ask for seconds, because "Gauntlet" served as a perfect series finale for a show that was cut right when it started to find its walking legs.

From the title of the episode down to the interactions between the characters tonight, Stargate Universe "Gauntlet" gave the sense that Joseph Mallozzi, Brad Wright, and crew knew that the end was coming and if they didn't then they surely fooled the hell out of me. As stated before, reports of tonight's episode gave fans the inclination of being a season ending cliffhanger with everyone's lives in the balance. I came into the episode expecting another space battle with the Drones with maybe a couple of people's lives being in danger to wrap up the series, leaving several plots dangling with nothing being solved, which in turn would frustrate viewers for years to come. Instead, I witnessed proper farewells, few loose ends, and most importantly, some sense of closure. Read More...


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