Cougar Town 2.19 "Damaged By Love" Review

It’s pretty clear that the end of this season is going to primarily focus on Travis’ destroyed state after his proposal. In theory, I am fine with that. But if the series wants to commit to telling an interesting, complicated story about Travis’ life and his place within this weird group, I feel like they have to really commit. "Damaged By Love" is a fine episode, one I quite liked in spots, but the stories not involving Travis ultimately bring it down to a normal episode of the series. There’s really nothing wrong with that, I just hoped the series would continue the momentum of last week’s fantastic episode — especially with Ken Jenkins’ return.

abcDespite my issues with some of the secondary and tertiary stories, "Damaged By Love" does do a nice job following up on Travis’ post-break up malaise/depression. Kirsten is flat-out gone from town (and the series), leaving Travis stuck on the couch in a deep, dark state. Jules doesn’t really have much of plan but to bring in her father and do some meddling, which of course doesn’t really work. Thankfully, Bobby comes in with a fantastic idea to raise Travis’ spirits: A trip to the local strip club! Ken Jenkins’ Grandpa Chick is such a tremendous fit for this world, as he nails the combination of heart and odd, witty humor. Bringing Chick and Bobby together is really comedic gold, as they both have this really warm, but goofy way about them. I can totally see why Chick approved for Jules’ marrying Bobby all those years ago: they’re basically the same person, give or take a few IQ points. Read More...


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