'Survivor: Redemption Island' 'Too Close For Comfort' Recap May 11, 2011

Last week: With all ex-Zapatera members voted out of Murlonio, only the ex-Ometepes survive. Philip claims to have been acting crazy as a winning strategy. Rob continues to manipulate everyone, and Andrea is sent to Redemption Island.

At Murlonia, Ashley gloats over Andrea’s shock at being blind-sided. "It’s kinda funny to see the reaction," she says, and then bunny cuddles with her BFF, Natalie. I guess their relationship could only get closer from the days when they clipped each other’s armpit hairs. (Ewww!) And yet Natalie can’t quite get over her reliance on Rob, who now confides that he’s been unsure of Ashley since Day 1.   

Andrea arrives on "the Isle of Redemption," as Matt calls it, prepared to make nice with the very people she so gleefully blind-sided previously, to find that she’s persona non grata. She tries to explain to Matt why she voted against him, blithering on about Matt’s wishy-washy attitude being his downfall, until he drawls, "well, I’m sorry for ruining your Survivor game," and tunes her out. "No room, no room," says  Ralph, "sleep on the ground. Rob was using you like toilet paper. He wiped his a**, now he’s done with you."  Not quite the welcome Andrea had hoped for. Read More...



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