'Nikita' Season 1, Episode 22 (Season Finale) Recap

After tonight's episode, it's all too tempting to simply type "WOW," and leave it at that, but such brevity would do a great disservice to the phenomenal writing, acting and pacing of the 'Nikita' season finale, and this tenacious little show deserves as much praise as it can get.
We've already established that 'Nikita' is one of the best new shows that most people aren't watching, and I can only hope that the CW sees what a diamond in the rough it has on its hands when next week's upfront presentations roll around: If 'Nikita' isn't back on the schedule next fall, I might have to go rogue, Nikita style, and infiltrate CW headquarters to give the higher-ups a piece of my mind.

It's rare that a show can establish such labyrinthine mythology -- multi-layered and unpredictable -- whilst still managing to keep the plotting clear and logical (I'm looking at you, 'Alias'). Between the backstabbing, double-crossing and shifting allegiances, 'Pandora' pulled out some pretty heavy political maneuvering, and yet Percy's motives and plans were crystal clear, for the first time all season. Read More...



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