THE APPRENTICE Season 10 Episode 6 Recap

Wade is finally ready to step up to the plate on this week's THE APPRENTICE, a promise he had to keep for Mr. Trump. But before we get to this week's challenge, we got to see Clint's meeting with Steve Forbes, the prize he won as last week's winning project manager. And more importantly we finally saw Forbes blink - TWICE. I actually appreciate that on this season the winners are reaping benefits that could actually help them further their business careers.

For the task, Rockport shoes wanted the teams to put on a fashion show for their key buyers in less than 24 hours. For Fortitude, Stephanie steps up as project manager, and as predicted last task, Wade will lead, or at least try to, Octane. The ladies decided they need a theme to make the show interesting so they base it all around so they base it on one imaginary dude Tristan. The men on the other hand just want to make sure the clothes with the shoes are good, so Wade looks to Stuart and Anan, the suave guys out of the group, to meet with the models, pick the shoes and clothes and go over the looks. Who doesn't love watching two suave guys swing and miss with eight models and attempt to dress them? And apparently after that Wade got wasted because he put David and Gene in charge of the MCing and presentation of the show.

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