'Grey's Anatomy' recap: Should They Stay or Should They Go?


Does anyone else feel like we've had like six finales for this season already? Or at least two? And we're still not to the end yet? I've liked most of this season just fine, but, jeez.

Okay, fine, so we still have this chief resident business to deal with, and we'll obviously be doing that this week and next, so let's get to it. Especially since Cristina told Owen there would be no sex as long as he was determining who'd get the job. You know, so he could remain impartial. The fact that she's still his wife wouldn't throw him off or anything.

Because everyone was all about new jobs and life change and stuff, the hot blond doctor -- I've decided to call her that again, since I'm not convinced she's sticking around -- got a job offer from Baylor, which is in Texas and not Seattle, and therefore not near Alex. We cared for a second until ...



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