'The Vampire Diaries' finale recap: A kiss, a relapse, and the ghosts of girlfriends past


Last week's episode of "The Vampire Diaries" was so heart-wrenching that I wished it had been the season finale. All of the promotion around this week's actual season finale has focused on Damon seeking Elena's forgiveness, and frankly, I wasn't particularly interested in seeing the dying wish of a character that we knew wouldn't die. I thought the stakes going into this episode were low.As usual, I was wrong, and I underestimated this show. In the end, the character in the most danger in "As I Lay Dying" wasn't Damon -- it was Stefan. After all, we always knew they'd find a cure for the bite. Ian Somerhalder isn't going anywhere. Now, though, we've watched our most virtuous character - our moral compass - take a long walk off of a short cliff into a downward spiral of addiction and murder and alliance with evil.Bring it.Not to mention, there were some gorgeously romantic moments...



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