GREY’S ANATOMY Recap: ‘I Will Survive’

Looking back over this week’s episode of GREY’S ANATOMY, the expression that keeps coming to mind is "the calm before the storm." I probably feel that way because of Shonda Rhimes’ multiple announcements that next week’s finale will be an emotionally devastating hour of television (everyone stock up on tissues). But doomsday warnings aside, this week’s ep had a definite "filler" feel, like all the characters were being carefully set up for the real stories next week.

 Meredith and Derek, for example, spend the episode interviewing with a social worker as a first step towards adopting the African baby. We don’t actually get to see Derek’s interview, but he’s McDreamy so I’m just assuming he smiled and ran his fingers through his hair and the social worker melted. Meredith doesn’t have McDreamy’s hair, though, so she’s a bit nervous. She does fine, and shows the social worker that she really cares about baby Zola and wants to be a great mom to her. Read More...


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