'American Idol' Recap: James Durbin Goes Home In Another Shocker + Power Rankings

Now this one I just can’t figure out.

To me, there were three major talents on the show this year. Three performers that transcended the confines of this karaoke competition show and actually seemed like they could be recording artists. Those three were Pia, Jacob and James. And now none of them have made it to the top three.

I can understand what happened to the first two. Pia, for some reason, was overly criticized by the judges to the point that America was being told she was the worst contestant. Jacob just never seemed to connect with the audience. But James…I just didn’t get James.

James was probably the most consistent performer ever on this show. There wasn’t a single night that he wasn’t at least a ‘B’ overall. Even Adam Lambert laid a few eggs and Kelly Clarkson must’ve had an off night in there somewhere, but James always brought it every week and was certainly more entertaining than everyone else. Read More...



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