The Big Bang Theory Review: "The Engagement Reaction"

After mostly relegated to the B story as a supporting character for the past four years, Howard Wolowitz finally found himself front and center as the episode follow his mother ending up in the hospital after "The Engagement Reaction."

Howard has certainly become much more likable of a character this season as Bernadette has helped give his character an excuse to grow from a one-note horndog into a slightly more rounded character.

Now he has all sorts of new jokes they can beat like a dead horse.  Like that he's Jewish and marrying a Catholic woman.  Speaking of dead horses, I was previously getting very sick of the always off-camera voice that's been Mrs. Wolowitz since season one.

The generic, obnoxious yenta voice that is Wolowitz's mother finally grew on me.  Why?  Because of the "twist" that she was concerned for her new daughter-in-law getting food poisoning, and not having a heart attack because her son was marrying a shixa.  How's that for acceptance, Glee?  But Bernadette doing the voice and it turning Howard on?  All kinds of creepy. Read More...


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