'Nikita' 1.22 'Pandora' Recap and Review

Picking up where "Betrayals" left off, Alex has apparently killed Nikita. We know that's not the case, but Joey Greco tells Percy that cardiac arrest is what did our heroine in, which doesn't make him as happy as one might expect. Percy orders Alex back to Division, telling Amanda "that was unexpected," before leaving to visit Oversight.

Meanwhile, Michael is still hanging out in the basement. Birkhoff walks in, looking much, much better than when we saw him last. "Was it worth it?" he asks, ranting about Michael lying to him. In return, Michael retorts that Birkhoff set him up. Birkhoff insists that he didn't know it was a setup. Michael isn't buying: "You're not stupid, Birkhoff. You're just a coward." After some more arguing, Birkhoff reveals to Michael that Nikita is dead. "You went and joined her. Encouraged her. That was your choice," he adds before he leaves Michael to think on that.

Percy goes to his Oversight meeting, which consists of some very powerful people, including Harris Yulin(24) as an Admiral, and La Femme Nikita alum Alberta Watson as a Senator. Percy tells them that if they didn't slash his budget, he wouldn't be doing the side jobs they're so upset about. He explains his master plan: to frame Nikita for a nerve gas attack on the heads of the CIA, contained in the rigged black box that Ryan is currently bringing into Langley. Read More...



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