Twilight: Best Selling Books To Record Sales Movies.

The book 'Twilight' by author Stephenie Meyer was a risk taking book but for some crowds of people, like vampire fanatics or just book fanatics, it was a new world or passion and adventure to lose yourself into. The intense novel sold enough copies to make Meyer a multi-millionaire ($7.3m) in just one week.

When the film for 'Twilight' was released into cinemas' some film critics were a bit anxious but a ground breaking result emerges by the film making over $120m within just 10 days! In my opinion the books were more exciting than the films because they gave more insight and information about the Cullen family and many other characters. Although, I have to admit, when the film game out I was extremely excited about the whold thing and I though it was a very enjoyable experience.

I would definitely recomend this film to anyone willing to watch. And I would recommend the book, aswell... And its many sequels: New Moon, Eclipse and Breaking Dawn. I've also heard that 'Twilight' has a sister book that I think is called 'Midnight Sun' which has Edward telling the story, but I do not have details on that.


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Feb 12, 2009 9:57PM EST

"Midnight Sun" is a retelling of "Twilight" from Edward's naration. However, someone violated Ms. Meyer's trust and released an early and incomplete version of the novel onto the internet. The document spread like wyld fyre before anyone knew what was what. At this time Ms. Meyer has put the book on hiatus until she has regained some perspective on the whole situation. In her words: "If I wrote it now? James would win and kill Edward and that would be bad".
I completely agree about Twilight. I find the whole story... is special. in a good way lol So I have to thank whoever violated Ms. Meyer's trust. Now I have to wait longer for her to complete Midnight Sun. I could care less about copyright issues but I do care about the trust issue and I think I understand that a book is not 'done' even when it is 'published'. I wouldn't read this bootleg "Midnight Sun" even if I found a torrent for it.

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