NIKITA “Pandora” Review

NIKITA "Pandora" Season 1 Episode 22 - Percy continues to weave his Operation Sparrow story, but doesn’t get the chance to finish it. It turns out his own personal mission was to become the head of the CIA. Unfortunately his days at Division seem to have come to an end. The season finale of NIKITAis set in an environment of chaos. What was up is now down; what was in is now out. Factions have split, and new players have taken over. Panic and desperation give way to the uneasy calm before the storm – quite literally, if you noted the closing shot of this final episode "Pandora". If we get a second season (which I hope we do), it will come back with a completely different approach and vibe, and with completely different teams.

What happened on Nikita tonight? Life, death and rebirth. Nikita and Alex both die and come back to life, each in a different incarnation from what they were before. Michael walks into Division as a top agent, but leaves as a rogue agent. Birkhoff proves himself to be a worthy sidekick, not just a spineless brownnoser. Amanda manipulates her way to become head of Division. Power-hungry Percy has utterly failed on all fronts, leaving him where? Read More...


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