BONES “The Hole in the Heart” Review

BONES "The Hole in the Heart" Season 6 Episode 22 – Tonight this show got me and it got me good. I know we all heard that someone was going to die but I was absolutely positive it wouldn’t actually be somebody on the team. Television shows feed us that rhetoric about "someone close" dying, but it’s never usually true. They always get around it by introducing a new character that forms a bond with the regular cast or by using someone who’s only peripherally part of the group. Not so tonight.

In fact, as soon as I saw sweet little Agent Shaw, I rolled my eyes and figured she had a big old targetpainted on her forehead. Boy was I ever wrong and when Vincent got hit, I’m not afraid to admit that I yelled out loud, I was so surprised and upset. I know he wasn’t on the show a lot but he was still a part of the team and his death scene, as well as each subsequent scene where everyone else talked about him, made me cry over and over. Honestly, I think I cried more in this episode than probably any other show this season. Read More...


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