Community 2.24 "For A Few Paintballs More" Review

communityI’m actually not sure how much I have to say about "For A Few Paintballs More." Clearly, it was a tremendously fun episode with a number of great gags and lines, but it had less stylistic and narrative depth than last week’s first part, which is most certainly fine. I’ve written about this series a lot this season and would prefer to think about the whole season for a bit before really diving into it. I really don’t want to take anything away from this episode because it was still fairly awesome. I laughed a lot, I smiled a lot and the ending was more than I could have ever expected.

That’s where we have to begin, right? For most of the season, Pierce has been an antagonist, someone who has disrupted the group dynamics and "togetherness" with his pettiness, his drug problem and his general Pierce-ness. Dan Harmon has been doing the usual post-season round of interviews and he’s said some really interesting things about the Pierce character and his role in the series. In the EW piece with Harmon, he mentions that he never officially planned more than six episodes ahead and that Pierce’s role in the season was perhaps more defined by the need for a weekly villain than anything else. But clearly Harmon paid attention to how he was using Pierce, which allowed him to craft the narratives of these last few episodes where those weekly build-ups now create a larger picture of awfulness as far as Pierce is concerned. I don’t need my sitcoms to have a season-long plan, but I like what Harmon said here. Read More...


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