Parks and Recreation: "The Fight" Review

Written by series star Amy Poehler herself, "The Fight" managed to be on par with her excellent contribution to Season 2, "Telethon." It was a great episode that managed to find a way to get Ann into the Parks Department - with a real job that actually makes sense within the context of the show no less! Yes, the final holdout has caved and now everyone, after almost three seasons, has an actual reason to be hanging around the building. Not that I was complaining. It was clear from the get-go that this faux docu-show was stretching the format a bit when it started following Ann and Andy in the first place; seeing as how their presence made everything not be a workplace documentary. So unlike The Office, which just recently made a full call-out to the documentary crew on Carell's final episode, Parks pretty much just uses the format as a structure device.  Read More...


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