When it comes to comedy, Will Ferrell has fallen into a slump of repetitive characters that have the comic tics of shouting, stating the obvious, and shouting the obvious.  If it weren’t for Ferrell’s sublime comic timing and talent for knowing just how long to go deadpan before breaking out, his movies would seem like sequels where only the character’s name and setting had been changed.  Back in 2006, it was a welcome change of pace to see Ferrell in the dramedy Stranger Than Fiction.  He played a man that could not only hear his life being narrated, but also learned that he was about die.  Ferrell gave a strong performance that required both his comic skills and his dramatic ability.  His new film Everything Must Go once again demands that he set his familiar comedic persona aside in favor of drama, but the movie falls apart because it never demands anything from its lead actor beyond looking sad and tired. Read More...



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