Game of Thrones Review: "The Wolf and the Lion"

King Robert and Ned had some amusing moments to start "The Wolf and the Lion". It seems no matter what your role, it's never what you think it will be. As Robert said, "I thought as King I could do whatever I wanted." By the end of the episode, he proves that he very well can.

When our road weary travelers were attacked, you could see Tyrion weighing his decision - flee or save Catelyn? If anyone had any doubt that Tyrion's soul was clear, they need doubt no more.

Granted, the thought of being ripped to death by wildlife may have played into his final action, but he made the choice with his heart, not his head. George R R Martin has not even finished A Song of Ice and Fire, but surely Tyrion will be proven the man I think he is by the end. Read More...


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