'Survivor' season finale recap: The Right Player Won

The most shocking development in Survivorhistory! It immediately caused a huge uproar online, with people tweeting each other messages like, "What happened?" "I can’t believe it!" and "OMFG!" The last time a finale moment caused this much of a scandal was when Russell Hantz lost to Natalie White. I'm speaking not of Boston Rob's victory over Natalie and Phillip, mind you, but rather the omission of the Fallen Comrades montage! Usually the only drama involved with the Fallen Comrades tribute is whether it will be by land or by sea. Not this season. Perhaps there simply wasn't time because we had to hear from Rob 683 times about how he played for 10 years, never won, and it had all led to this…blah, blah, blah. Or maybe they just realized that having players wax nostalgic about people they never even played with or cared about was absurd ("Krista…uh, yeah, she was…um, a girl…blonde, I think?"). Either way, no awkward remembrances or burning of wooden name planks up on a mountaintop with a dramatic 360 degree helicopter shot for us. Read More...



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