'Desperate Housewives' season finale recap: Don't Call My Name, Don't Call My Name, Alejandro

Okay, who already thinks Desperate Housewives’ season eight is going to be so much better than anything we’ve seen in season seven? I realize that the unsatisfying trajectory of this year’s mystery doesn’t really bode well for the future success of Marc Cherry & Co.’s long-form storytelling, but the fact that all the Housewives are going to be involved as partners in crime in next year’s caper instantly makes it more compelling than anything this show has given us in years. Finally, DH is getting back to basics, crafting a mystery that utilizes the entire ensemble rather than splitting the cast into a web of barely-connected, tangential story-threads.

Until the instantly infamous "progressive" dinner party late in the finale, the latter, fragmented approach unfortunately defined most of last night’s drama. Read More...



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