Damon outrunning Stefan?

Being about Vampires it's hard not to compare Vampire Dairies to all the Supernatural Shows I watched recently..most recently of course True Blood. Watching VD is a substitute after being cut off of a great Show and making me wonder how far this substiute is going to be like True Blood.

Whenever I watch the Show, though Paul Wesley is doing a good job playing Stefan, I keep feeling like Damon (Ian Somerhalder) is going to get more interesting than Stefan will ever be. Why I am comparing it to True Blood in this matter? Simple, because thats exactly what happened with Eric and Bill. Though Bill was supposed to be the Hero and "good" Vampire I dare to say Eric is far more interesting and appealing than Bill.

Seems like most People are preferring the "bad" Vampire character.

I like Vampire Dairies, although it could increase its pace a little; after watching every Episode I feel like i only got worth 15min of Information and story out of it.

Watching yesterdays Episode "Haunted" made me feel like I felt when I started suspecting a soon-to-be involvement of Eric in Sookie's life (and not because she's a telepath, but 'cause he is very much interested in her and not able to realize it).

Damon was already showed to us, once, stroking Elena's face as if feeling deep emotions towards her and today, when he ordered her to leave after she slapped him, it just seemed like there was more to his words..he was afraid he might hurt her, because she's bleeding maybe? Remember when Stefan smelled Elina's blood first time and involuntarily changed? Damon didn't even flinch. Of course he is used to human blood and not deprived like Stefan but I would like to follow my instinct and say there might be more significance to this. And not to forget his big Entrance when Elina wanted her brothers memory to be erased. Before anyone might say, Damon acted out of guilt..remember Damon is not likely the guy to feel guilty because he realizes he made something wrong and the girl he desires point it out to him...Stefan tried many times the "guilt-trip-therapy" with Damon and all it got him was more troubles Damon shoved at him.

I don't know if this is just wishful thinking, 'cause I like Damon, but I really got the feeling he is gonna make Vampire Dairies the reason to watch it, just like Eric magically won over the audience. Keep in mind Ladies and Gentlemen its us who give the writers the inspiration and somehow the direction as to what we would like to see next in the story, so tell your Opinions:

What do you think? Is there a Chance Damon will succeed, like Eric did, to win you over? Is he going to outrun Stefan? More so, do you think him or Eric would be the more interesting Character?



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Oct 31, 2009 5:10AM EDT

Damon is, by far, my favorite character on Vampire Diaries. Not just because he's the hottest, but boy is he, but also because his character? Makes me laugh. At the most inappropriate things. Like people covering up the murder of the star reporter. Or making a high school girl think his Good Guy brother attacked her. He is awesome. He won me over from the start (though I have to disagree with you about the whole Eric thing on True Blood. I like his character, for the most part, but he bugs the crap out of me.)
And I can't imagine anyone who's seen the entire show thus far would think that Damon erased Jeremy's memory out of guilt. It wouldn't be like him. If he DID feel guilty for some reason, Damon would suppress it by mass casualties and blood loss. No, there was a very key thing Elena said before Damon told her to go away, and showed up just in time to erase memories. She said "it DOES matter." Damon wrote it off, but...why did he send her away? Why did he later show up at her house and offer -OFFER- to erase Jeremy's memory if it was "what she wanted"?
Because it matters.
But, to sum up, Damon? Kicks butt. He is a-w-e-s-o-m-e. And in some ways -all the worst ways- he's by far superior to Stefan. ;)

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Oct 31, 2009 6:40AM EDT

Damon outran stephen from the first episode, he's the bad boy after all. Although, i wasn't totally in love with him despite his hotness and being on LOST , i actually found him a tad scary. But after the latest episode i am getting really excited about his character, finally a hint of a softer side. i loved the part when he told elena to go, obviously he didn't want to hurt her. I'm hoping in the future history will repeat itself between stephan and damon, but not yet.
Damon's my favourite but I love Stephen as well. He's the handsome gentleman :)The contrast between there personalities is perfect.

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Oct 31, 2009 8:03AM EDT

@sonopiccante You are right she said "It DOES matter" but I am not sure Damon changed his attitude only because Elena made him realize it matters. But I agree with you he is simply a-w-e-s-o-m-e :DRegarding Eric of True Blood, I might be biased, because I read the books...
@foreverxo I think we are already at the Part where history is repeating itself. After all they are both interested in Elena, although she is clearly interested in Stefan and scared of Damon. Maybe not scared but she knows he's dangerous and not to be trusted. He already hurt two People she knows and (somehow) likes.

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Oct 31, 2009 9:57AM EDT

Well, good comments... interesting parallels! But, the real question for me is "where is this story going?!". I mean, with Damon beginning to show his softer, human side (which makes it very interesting) and eventually showing his affection to Elena.... I think it will end badly for one of them. The writers can't really strech out this current state without making us impatient and kind of annoyed. Elena will eventually choose one of them and it will be bitter for the other...and for the serie.
To answer the question ; Yes, Damon is outrunning Stefan. Bad-boy vampire struggling in this duality between good and bad - love and hate ... it is hard to top that!.

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Nov 1, 2009 1:25AM EST

(just in response to TheRani1981)I didn't mean he changed his perspective. to him, i doubt it matters. consciously. Subconsciously, it does though. He just doesn't realize it/want to admit it to himself. But it does matter, and that is why he did that stuff.
in my opinion, anyway. lol

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Nov 1, 2009 5:51PM EST

I do enjoy Damon's character much more than Stefan .... Even though they both have their quirks.>>Slowdive - I haven't read all the books, but what I've heard of it is that she never exactly chooses a brother. If I'm not misinformed and if the series stays somewhat consistant to the book than I believe they will continue along the lines of a love triangle.
>>TheRani1981 - I have to agree with you on the tidbit about Eric. I do prefer him over Bill (a lot) and the books have a major influence in that opinion. But I watched the whole first season of True Blood and than read the Sookie Stackhouse novels and even though Eric's role in season one was minimal I instantly liked him, maybe even more than Bill, now that I think about it. After reading the books I just became more enamored by the character.

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Nov 1, 2009 10:38PM EST

I recommend you read the books if you wish to understand more about Damon's character. I don't know if they (the tv show writiers) will take it the same way as the author did, but if they do, those of you hoping that Damon won't be so bad, give up. In the books he never gives in to that softer side and is always the evil souless self that he is right now, doing stupid stuff because he's bored and not caring about anyone or anything, not even Elena. There is a time in the last book where he seems to care but that's waaaay in the future and way complicated. I doubt that the writers will ever actually go that far.

Nov 2, 2009 2:26AM EST

Actually, Elena does choose a brother in the LJ Smith's series. That is so far, TECHANICALLY, Elena does. I think Smith is writing more stories however, so who knows the shape the relationships will ultimately take...The crux of the books is the love triangle (and also the ensuing danger =P), so I'm assuming that that's what we have to look forward to in the show- which is great!
And the bad boys are always more interesting and complex characters, be they human or otherwise ;)I think that if the "good vampire" wasn't currently so overdone (Twilight,True Blood,), that Stefan would be more interesting- because if you think about it, being a vampire who doesn't attack humans is in itself the Bad-Boy-Gone-Good/Bad-Boy-With-The-Heart-Of-Gold archetype.
Does anyone know of any stories/movies with a love story between a human and a vampire who does attack humans, that isn't Dracula or the short in Paris Je T'aime?

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Nov 2, 2009 8:20PM EST

I watch the show and agree with a lot of this but shouldn't this be in VD discussions? lol

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Nov 3, 2009 6:09AM EST

Sorry I have been away for so long and missed to keep this discussion going.
@Slowdive.. you are right at some point if the writer don't come up with a good storyline the annoyance will be unavoidable. Playing a little fortune-cookie I would say, there is a great chance Elena will be choosing Stefan, which will definitely drive Damon to the edge to do sth. very very stupid..but who knows..usually I try not to keep my hope up so I don't get disappointed.
@sonopicante the idea of the discussion was for everyone to state his/her opinion, so I really don't mind you having a different opinion ;)
@PrePerTeenPartyChick I brought Eric into the discussion because I simply adore him. Watching Damon last week made me remember my first impression of Eric. I read all the books as well, and like you I even love him more now. If Damon is going to be anything like Eric I am sure I will continue to watch VD no matter how bad the story is, hehe. If u care to discuss it sometime, i would love to :)
@LibrarianToBe it's on my to-do-list. I really want to read the books, because the show is promising, which usually means the books are incredible. :)
@addiedelphi I really like what you said about the bad boys being in demand and Stefan being not appreciated, because we already have so many bad-vampire-went good. I think you are right. Maybe we would all appreciate Stefan more if it wasn't for TrueBlood or even more Twilight. Twilight spoiled us rotten lol. I wish I knew some books between humans and vampires who still attack humans..but if u get any suggestion, please let me know. Thanks!! :)
@whiteca Its the first discussion I ever started, so please forgive me if I did anything wrong. But I am pretty much open for corrections and guidance :)

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Nov 10, 2009 4:39PM EST

I think before we can figure out who is superior i think the majority of us viewers want to see more chemistry with Elena and Damon as well as some intensity between Elena and Stephan... waiting for a more jucier episode with a bit more then a "Damon + Elena Dream" THEN we can judge who is superior by nature and connection and as for Stephan being the underdog... Id vote for him anyday... when love gets in the way... anything is possible!

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Nov 14, 2009 12:47AM EST

All i have 2 say is that episode 9 was a crazy episode. Oh yea OMG! Logan is Back as a Vampire?? I thought he was dead?? I thought that Damon took care of the bodies.. I can't wait for the next episode to find out what will happen next. :) So far it does look like Damon has outran Stephen because he seems stronger and faster but in my opinion no one is giving Stephen any credit. But i don't really know what will happen next because i have not read the books.

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Jan 18, 2010 9:01AM EST

I have to say Eric is the best vampire in the True Blood universe--books and show both. I wish that the show would let Bill loose his perfect persona, as he does in the books, but I have my doubts after the last episode.
but the Vampire Diaries....I've seen a few episodes but they're just slightly better than the books--part of which is because of Ian. The books were in my opinion, horrible. Like Sweet Valley High with Vampires. uh. At least in the TV show Elena's charactor is so annoying.
I'll just wait for summer and season 3.

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