FAMILY GUY “Foreign Affairs” Review

FAMILY GUY "Foreign Affairs" Season 9 Episode 17 – Lois goes to France with the Swansons for a week away, leaving Peter to take care of Chris and Meg (I’m not too sure what happened to Stewie or Brian but they appeared for the requisite one-liners and then vanished, probably to save face). Peter, hearing about an endemic of goat flu, decides to pull Chris and Meg out of school and teach them himself.

The episode featured the usual tropes of a poor Family Guy episode, and I was kind of willing to let it slide simply based on how impressed with last week’s episode I was (I have really really really low expectations for this show). But then there was this bit. Peter decides to teach the kids about some crap and the show cuts away to a bad music video which is supposedly the gayest music video ever. Simply thankful that they didn’t cut away to Olivia Newton John, I almost found the gag funny. Until it went on. And on. And suddenly it wasn’t just a quick cutaway: they played the entire freaking song. Three minutes of pure hell, Seth McFarlane’s big "fuck you" to those who watch this mediocre show. It was hardly funny to begin with, and then it just turned into a horror show. Read More...


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