GAME OF THRONES “The Wolf and the Lion” Review

GAME OF THRONES "The Wolf And The Lion" Season 1 Episode 5 – We’re halfway through the season, only five episodes left to go. Up until this point Game of Thrones has done a very fine job ofbuilding up the world and establishing the characters. With the fifth episode, the show really loosened up. It stopped hitting all of the necessary plot points in George RR Martin’s books, and instead organically let them unfold. Despite the fact that a few of my favorite characters were MIA (most notably Dany and Jon Snow) this is easily my favorite episode of the show to date.

The creators are doing much more than an adaptation: they’re bringing the world to life, slipping in scenes that were not in the book, or that were hinted in the book. They’re confident enough at this point to focus of just a few characters, instead of feeling obliged to pay a visit to every character in every episode. Really, the structure of this series is remarkable but more than that, after this episode I’m getting that feeling I haven’t felt since those first few episodes of Glee (so filled with potential!), since I had a marathon of Breaking Bad and Battlestar Galactica, since the first season ofVeronica Mars or the first four seasons of The West Wing: I’m falling in love with a show. Read More...


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