Mental- House Rip-off? I think not.

A lot of people have been calling the new summer series, Mental, a House copy-cat. Well, I beg to differ. Of course there are similarities, there are so many doctor-based shows out there, how could there not be? But I think Mental has it's own uniqueness that makes it interesting to watch, sure it isn't my favorite show ever, but I will defiantly tune in for future episodes. Unlike House, Jack Gallagher actually cares about his patients and is out to help them, not just "solve the puzzle" and the enigma that is his past (Just how did his sister end up wandering the streets of L.A??) is pretty intriguing. Though I must say the whole sexual-tension-between-boss-and-employee relationship has been done a million times over and I'm a bit disappointed it's being used yet again, but House wasn't the first to use that idea either. And I'll add that the sweetness, athleticism, and all around hotness (Who doesn't love accents??) of Jack Gallagher doesn't exactly make me miss the angry, bitter, jerk that is Dr. House. :-)


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