BOB’S BURGERS “Lobsterfest” Review

BOB’S BURGERS "Lobsterfest" Episode 12 – With the town around Bob’s Burgers gearing up for the annual Lobsterfest, Bob has a reaction to the town’s excitement that reminds me of a kid having a tantrum. While he’s normally the serious guy, he’s so offended by the idea of Lobsterfest that he temporarily loses his sanity and suddenly Linda and the kids seem like the levelheaded ones in the family.

Maybe it’s Bob’s shellfish allergy combined with the challenge of owning a burger joint in a seaside town that makes him so reluctant to participate in the community celebration of Lobsterfest. To keep Bob calm, the Belcher family has kept away from Lobsterfest for years. I loved the moment when Tina, Gene and Louise were looking through a Lobsterfest pamphlet and were caught by Bob who was fine when he thought they were looking at a pornographic pamphlet, but when he realized they were looking at a Lobsterfest brochure, he flipped out. Those are Bob’s priorities. Read More...


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