AMERICAN DAD “Flirting With Disaster” Review

AMERICAN DAD "Flirting With Disaster" Season 6, Episode 18 – Tonight’s episode of American Dadturned out to be one of the more dark and twisted episodes I’ve seen in a while.

After Lorraine gets promoted, Francine gets a job with the C.I.A. working as a receptionist in Stan’s office. I thought the spoof of the opening from The Office was pretty clever and I like that they kept the mockumentary feel for a little while early in the episode. Since it was a gag that went on longer than just the opening sequence, I think I would have liked it if they kept the mockumentary running through the entire episode instead of just letting it drop once the "Dutch" film crew of Chinese spies was revealed.

This episode exposes a side of Stan’s office where the employees spend more time indulging their out of control hormones than doing any work and when Francine comes into the office, she ends up fitting right in with the "harmless flirting" energy of the office. Of course this upsets Lorraine and Stan and they end up agreeing that Francine’s flirting needs to be stopped. Stan sets up Francine using a funny bit where she’s framed for the theft of a sandwich from the office refrigerator, but before the plan comes to a head, Lorraine throws acid into Francine’s face. That’s right, acid. The face melting kind. Talk about a prank going too far. Read More...


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