FLASHPOINT “Thicker Than Blood” Review

FLASHPOINT "Thicker Than Blood" Season 4 Episode 2* - Team 1 are called in to deal with a bank robbery in progress. The suspect is a local school principle, Roger Finch, who is desperate to withdraw forty thousand dollars from his bank account for an unknown reason. Greg gets Finch’s wife to come down to the scene – but she spots a video feed of the robbery and tells them that the man is not her husband. So who is pretending to be Roger Finch?

It turns out that the real bank robber, Garth, is probably working with his daughter and her husband. Team 1 go to the house and find it empty. But a message on the answerphone demanding forty thousand dollars, medication and books dealing with leukemia are enough for Team 1 to deduce what’s happening: Garth’s grandson, Chris, is suffering from leukemia and the only available donor is demanding money. Read More...



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